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The Southwest Dietitian Group is here to help with chronic disease management health coaching for employers. Our dietitians are experts in chronic disease management, so they can work directly with your employees on the root causes of their health issues. We focus on empowering individuals with the education, behavior change, and support necessary to make healthy lifestyle changes that last a lifetime. 

We serve many well-known companies and organizations such as PING Golf, Buckeye and Osborn School Districts, CVS Health, Fennemore Craig, Paychex, Wigwam, Fort Mojave Indian Community, Salt River-Maricopa Indian Community, Sun City West, Town of Paradise valley, and more.

By investing in employee health now, you can prevent unnecessary healthcare costs and reduce sick days while helping employees live healthier, happier lives. Even better – our health coaching has a proven track record at increasing employee health and productivity. 

1. Enter your own insurance information in our benefits verification request system (this should reflect the same insurance plan as your entire company)

2. We will verify your coverage at no cost to you, then call to schedule a meeting to discuss findings.

This school year, Osborn has had three teachers resign mid-year due to extreme stress and anxiety. It gave me serious pause realizing the toll this level of stress and anxiety takes on the employees' health, and it made me realize this level of stress cannot be managed solely through an EAP.

Most of our Administrators are also participating in a separate meeting from staff and are finding it valuable especially now given our new normal. I looked at multiple programs and honestly what swayed me to Nuuaria was Maya - she was extremely well received by staff with her genuine care for her clients.

-Kathy Brooks, Human Resource Director Osborn School District

Maya has a unique talent of explaining concepts and ideas in a manor that makes it easy for anybody to understand. Her approach to changing beliefs, to change the way that you think, to create new results is simple, but effective. She combines a wealth of knowledge of nutrition and general wellness with a genuine and authentic compassion for her clients. The results of her method are not only tangible but quantifiable. I have been involved with several wellness programs that couldn’t quantify the ROI. I recommend Maya and Southwest Dietitian Group to any business that is serious about taking care of their employees AND wants more than just feel good, but also a measurable return.

- Travis Gepson

“Excellent reports. It is good information and also allows us to see the momentum we are experiencing. Thank you for dialing this in.

I continue to hear positive responses to your approach and I think we are beginning to see the results.”

– Mike Trueblood, COO, Karsten/PING

“I am very impressed and also encouraged at the progression of the program and our employees in setting and meeting goals. This is a lot of good information and love that we are tracking it.”

–Brooke Shearer, Benefits Director, Karsten/PING

Questions? contact Maya at or call (602) 218-5278

Take the first step and let us verify your company's benefits

Take the first step and let us verify your company's benefits

We are proud to tout our running average of 7% sustained weight loss, over the industry average of 4-5% in our employees wanting to lose weight.

An average cost savings of $784 per employee per year (based on metabolic risk factors, BMI status changes, and medication reductions) in our health coaching program

67% reduction in stress in just ninety days with our stress program

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Improve the health and wellbeing of your employees for the potential cost of free.

The first step is easy and there is no initial financial commitment. Here’s how to get started: 

Our services are often covered by most insurance plans – so there’s potentially no cost to you!