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We currently are in-network with UMR, United Healthcare, BCBSAZ, Banner Aetna, Aetna, Merritain, Ameriben, and more. We can bill CIGNA as out-of-network. We also accept cash, credit, and all version of health savings accounts or HSAs should insurance not cover nutrition counseling services. Step one for for us to verify your benefits. Please follow this link, complete the information requested and proceed to step two.

We accept cash, credit, and all version of health savings accounts or HSAs. Please proceed to step 4. 
60-minute initial consultations are $150. Follow ups start at $95. 

It's important for YOU to know your benefits as well. Should any claim result in a denial, you will be financially responsible for the entire visit. We've made this step easy for you. Download the below 'nutrition counseling benefit verification' form to call your insurance and complete.

If your plan accepts medical and not preventative nutrition counseling (known to you and us through steps one and two), then we need this form or a referral completed by your doctor (MD, DO, APRN, PA, and specific therapist types can diagnosis and refer). All Aetna plans also require this document complete. All HMO plans require a referral which is not this form, please see your doctor first. 

Have your doctor fax this form back to us - or the referral - and we'll call you to schedule your initial appointment when we receive it!

NOTE: If your insurance requires step 3 documentation or a referral, we cannot schedule you until we have the correct documentation. We do require a credit card on file to hold your appointment. Cancellations less than 24-hours OR not showing up for your appointment in advance will result in a $150 cancellation fee for initial consults and $95 follow up. 

Why 48-hours? Your dietitian likes to prepare for you and do her research! You will be asked to upload any labs (within the last 1-2 years). Additionally, for insurance patients, we need a legible copy of the front and back of your drivers license. You can upload all of this in the documents section of your portal.

we are here to help!

Call or Text: (602) 218-5278
or email,

step 1: using insurance? let's verify your benefits first.

not using insurance? 

step 2: You too, must verify your benefits.

step 3: Doctor Diagnosis form

step 4: schedule your first session 

step 5: complete your paperwork 48-hours in advance.

Verify My Benefits

Benefits Self-Check PDF