the southwest dietitian group is your insurance-based nutrition practice specializing in habit change... 

for sustainable change.

every client and patient receives a complimentary habit change program to support them on the path to sustainable change.

We believe that a healthy body is a reflection of a healthy mind built on a strong foundation of self-worth and self-value. We believe that in order to change bad health to good health, we have to change not just what we do but also how we think. In this way, sustainable change is created. We believe - with the right tools, community, and desire - everyone is capable of this.

Our core values are simple: SUSTAINABLE CHANGE + KINDNESS. This is what you can expect from your team at the Southwest Dietitian Group.

what we believe & what we value

Maya is a registered dietitian nutritionist of fourteen years. She is a diplomate of the American Institute of Stress, Licensed Affiliate of StressMaster International, owner of the Southwest Dietitian Group, and founder of Nuuaria where she teaches behavior change practices and stress management.

Maya holds her degree from St. Louis University in St. Louis, Missouri and became a dietitian because of her own early struggles with weight and health. She currently sees clients at the Southwest Dietitian Group via telehealth and at the offices in Gilbert, Arizona inside Downtown Gilbert Healthcare, specializing in habit and behavior change-based weight loss for obesity and Diabetes. Maya’s also a proud aunt and her happy place is a vineyard.

owner | registered dietitian nutritionist

maya nahra, rdn, dais

My passion for food and wellness began at a young age and was strongly influenced by my mom and grandmother who taught me how to cook and garden. I was obsessed with the flavors of food, the satisfaction one receives from eating a hot meal on a cold winter’s day (I’m from Western Upstate NY), and how the molecules of food come together and are neatly packaged on grocery shelves. 

My path to become a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) has been an exhilarating journey, a story of perseverance really, and I hope it continues to be! 

I originally studied Mechanical Aerospace Engineering, then Imaging Science, before receiving my first B.S. in Applied Arts and Sciences from the Rochester Institute of Technology. My experiences with Wegmans Food Markets – a Rochester, NY based grocery store chain – ultimately lead me to return to school to study dietetics. After many years of balancing work, school, and well … life, I received my B.S. in Dietetics from the University of Northern Colorado. 

Although Space exploration and aeronautical imaging still fascinate me, I discovered my true passion and drive lies in helping others digest nutrition (LOL!) and increase their quality of life. 

When I’m not getting paid to do what I love, you’ll find me hiking in the mountains or riding my bike – after all warm weather, sunshine and mountains are what lead me to move across the country. 


pamela kingsbury, rdn

Our VISION is a world where sharing, compassion and innovation for advancement of humanity flourish and times of great greed, selfishness and apathy are distant memories of past times, taught only as stories in history books to our children.  


Our MISSION is to help our patients and clients get - and stay - healthy.